Buck Dudley


Our guest for Episode 3 is producer Buck Dudley, who represents our home state of New Jersey. His production helped catapult CRIMEAPPLE to the forefront of underground hip hop in 2017, and the duo is building momentum with each release. Metrelleta is one of the most revered releases of 2017, and the duo also dropped the Perfect/Perfect 2 and Sweet Dreams EP’s. Buck paints with everything from jazz to Danish rock, so you never know what he’ll come up with next. We had a chance to chat with him about a variety of topics, this is a print summary of the convo.

RD: What’s the ideal setting for creating beats?

BD: I’m not the most mobile, generally I work from a dinosaur desktop computer at my apartment. That’s where I’m most comfortable. That way when I sit down and get to it, I know where everything is and can get some good work done.

RD: Do you make beats in one sitting, or start and finish many other drafts?

BD: Im sample-based, so I just follow where the sample takes me. There are times where I’ll trash something, go back to it and it sounds fresh again. Sometimes your ears can betray you, you fall in and out of love with material. When I know one is a sure shot, I’ll just run with it and try to figure out what I want to do as far as drums/secondary samples and others little touches. There no process that I could point to, the samples drive the track and then we add to it as time goes on

RD: You guys had some of this material for years, what was the process like when it was time to get these projects out? As far as song placement, etc

BD: With Metrelleta we wanted that strong body of work to re-introduce ourselves with something you could play front to back. We were sitting on a lot of material, and wanted to drop something that would garner attention. Perfect and Perfect 2 have the Street Fighter theme, its pretty raw all the way thru where Metrelleta had a mix of jazzy and harder songs. For Sweet Dreams we wanted to add the horror theme.he beats fit for it and it coincided with Halloween season.

RD: House Shoes reached out for a release on his Street Corner Music imprint, can you expound on that at this time?

BD: Think a deluxe edition of Sweet Dreams, he loved the EP and wanted to know if we wanted to expand on that body of work. That’s in very early stages, we’ll divulge more as time goes on

RD: You guys sat on this music for years, garnering near the attention it should have gotten. How rewarding is it to see this pay off? Metralleta is being sold on every physical format, and it sells quickly

BD: It’s super flattering for myself, as a lifelong hip hop head from humble beginnings to getting this amount of love feels great. I’m still wide-eyed about the whole thing, but at the same time we been dope. We always felt that, and now the returns are coming in.

RD: ‘Crab Cakes’ is something that shows a different, playful style. How important is it to display different flavors of beats?

BD: Very, I mean when I was growing up you had that variety.  We try to bring that to the table. Not everything has to be hard all the time. We had Wu-Tang and Tribe to balance things out and that’s where stuff like Crab Cakes comes from. It was a sample I thought was funny, it was a perfect canvas for Crime to display his wit, so we put it out for the heads.

RD: Hypothetical, your doing a ‘Buck Dudley Presents’ style producer album, give me 3 MC’s your hittin up?

BD: That’s tough! I don’t think I could do that, if I’m swinging for the fences the possibilities are endless but ultimately I’d stick with my guys. Crime has been a friend for a long time, we’ve been working together for a long time. Love what Daniel Son is doing. Love the music, love the charisma and wordplay he brings to the table. The guys we’ve had as guests would work, we wouldn’t have had them on our shit if we weren’t feeling what they were doing.

RD: There’s been hints at a Perfect 3 to complete the trilogy?

BD: Crime is mostly focused on his Big Ghost Ltd. album among other things, so that’s more down the road. It’s gonna be hard like the first 2, nothing is set in stone with that project at this time.

RD: What current hip hop are you bumpin?

BD:  I spend most of my time listening to weird samples. I’ll force myself to turn away at times, shit gets weird. I just went thru some Danish, progressive rock shit it gets strange. I often have to play catch up on new music, but of course you have the Griselda’s and Roc Marci’s that are must-listens. Huge fan of Roc personally. Mach-Hommy is dope. Guys that we’ve been working with; Hus/Smoovth/Vic Spencer. I don’t pay as much attention as I probably should, when your working non-stop its hard to keep up.

RD: Outside of the Crime stuff, is there anything else your working on for ’18?

BD: I definitely want to do a beat tape this year, that’s been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. There’s a few cats that I’m interested in working with, nothing I can really announce at this time but lets just say you’ll be hearing from me this year.


We thank Buck for coming on, and wish him well as his name grows in the culture. We will be joining him for Crimeapple’s New Jersey Drive Live show on March 28th. Daniel Son, Ill Conscious and Sauce Heist will also be performing.

Buck Dudley projects can be purchased here: Bandcamp: http://crimeapple.bandcamp.com

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