Producer Spotlight Interview: Klever Skemes



\When we first started the podcast, our vision was to interview nothing but producers to get behind the scenes looks at their projects, and stories behind some great records. We quickly realized that would be putting a cap on ourselves, and added some great MC’s who wanted to be on as well.

I’m a beat head first and foremost, while I like nothing more than some incredible pen work, its the beat that draws me in first. Masta Killa once famously said the dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum. I guess you can fit me for a dunce cap, because I’ve always been fascinated by production credits and process.

I say all that to say we are starting a print series of interviews with some of my favorite up-and-coming producer talents. From Italy to Denmark and back to the US, I’ve got some heavy hitters lined up. Klever Skemes is up first. He exploded onto the scene with his ‘Gold Rush’ EP with Willie the Kid, and has recently debuted another single ‘Paramount’ featuring Daniel Son/Asun Eastwood and Eto. Here is what the Denver native had to say.

RD: What’s your musical background, did you play an instrument growing up?

KS:  My parents were always playing great music when I was younger from Miles Davis to Soundgarden , Earth Wind & Fire so naturally I developed a good ear. My pops has always played guitar so I eventually picked that up as well and we still jam every now and then.

RD: Can you give a peak into the process behind making a Klever beat?

KS: TOP SECRET. Why you think they call me, Klever Skemes?

RD: How would you describe your sound?

KS: I make what I like to listen to, really. I try to emulate cats like Alchemist and Premier and then put my own flavor on it.

RD: You crashed onto the scene with the excellent ‘Gold Rush’ EP with Willie the Kid. Take us behind the scenes for that project. Why WTK? How long did the EP take to put together? How has the feedback been thus far?

KS:  I appreciate that Bro! Couple years ago we reached out to Will for a feature on my cousin, Manic’s, upcoming album which features some heavy hitters so Will knew we were serious about our craft. As you know he’s a very methodical and selective artist and for me, Masterpiece Theatre is top 5 albums of all time so the fact he agreed told me he dug the sound.  Couple months later and we shot him the idea of an EP and the rest is history. Gotta say Will is stand up dude, it’s like I’ve known him for years. He’s a truly humble cat. Feedback has been pretty wild. I’ve had a few childhood rap hero’s reach out which is crazy. I’m just blessed to have people around me that believe in the process. Stay tuned though the Rush isn’t quite over.

RD: You just premiered ‘Paramount’ with Daniel Son, Eto and Asun Eastwood. Is that a loose single drop, or leading to something else?

KS: Paramount originally was just featuring Eto and was going to drop on my solo project but that’s been pushed back a while due to some unexpected opportunities. Still I knew I had to get that joint out since ETO is on a whole different level. So I hit up Daniel Son and Asun for the assist and dropped it as a stand alone single.

RD: What are some of your goals for the rest of ’18 and beyond?

KS: My goal really is to just keep enjoying this ride. And somehow repay my parents for all they have done for me.

RD: If you could contract any 5 MC’s for a KS production album, who would they be?

KS: Damn that’s a tough one. Cats I listen to daily as of right now would be, Benny the Butcher, DOOM, Vinnie Paz, ILL BILL, Hus Kingpin

We thank Klev for his time, and wish him well. It appears Gold Rush 2 is on the way, who knows what else he has up his sleeve. Whatever it may be we’ll be there with ears wide open