RD: From All Ceven to Vinyl Villain and VHS you’ve worked with some top producers. Can you share what the process of your beat selection?

ANKH: My process is based on the vibes from the sunrise. My producers already know my sound, so the real process is figuring out what type of drip I want to provide. A little bit of drip (tomato sauce) on any one of those productions and you got a Shaap Records exclusive.

RD: Is there anything you can share with fans about your up coming collaboration with Big Ghost ‘Van Ghost’

ANKH: Van Ghost is sinister. It’s a very confident record I would say. It’s raw as hell ya know, I’m not really a structured type of artist I can be all over the place at times but it all fits as one. Van Ghost is a journey man you can close your eyes and picture all of it.

RD: Who comprises Shaap Records?

ANKH: I’m Shaap Records. I work with a few artist to give us all the Shaap Records experience. The label is still under construction and will be that way for a minute. I’m definitely open to working with new talents, but it’s critical. Shaap Records is for everybody but everybody not shaap (hip). I really want to take Shaap Records in the direction of VICELAND or NOISEY. Shaap Records is more than music; more of a lifestyle.

RD: What does the rest of 2018 hold for the label?

ANKH: I’m still building the brand of Shaap Records. It will be big one day man that’s why it’s no rush. Anything I drop is from the foundation of Shaap Records. I’m currently experiencing with the merch and visuals. Fuck 2018, we here forever. Y’all are just witnessing the foundation of what could be one of the biggest platforms ever.

RD:  Who are you top three producers to use for your tracks?

ANKH: All Ceven, Viles, Big Ghost. I can’t just pick 3, Slumlord is in my top as well.

RD: What can you share about the inspirations behind your style of flow and rhyming?

ANKH: My style comes from being broke. The actual dirt of shit, I come from that. It also comes from being up, not only financially but also mentally, my higher self. It’s hard to explain a raw approach to this shit but that’s how I am. No politics, all truth.









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