Fly Anakin interview

fly anakin

Fly Anakin joined us for an interview to speak about his music and inspirations in hip hop.

RDHow did Mutant Academy form?

FA: Mutant Academy started as a rap duo between Henny L.O. & myself.

While making music in the city we came across some dope producers

and emcees online & locally. The original plan was to keep it limited

but the universe wanted otherwise.


RD:Which member do you have the longest history with?

FA: Henny L.O., outside of being the co-founder he coached me in the

beginning stages of my rap life. He had all the golden era shit on his

computer cause of his big brother Mirtaw. We raised each other as teens.


RD: Your joint album with Koncept Jackson ‘Chapel Drive’ did really well last year.

Which song did you feel was your best from that project?

FA: Yeah yo, we knew Chapel Drive would crack the door open. It’s either

“Huarache Ultras” or “When Thugs Cry” for me. I haven’t really

listened to that project in a while it might change after another listen.


RD: Lately you have had a lot of collabs, do you have any personal favorites?

FA: Some unreleased shit.


RDWhat does the future hold for yourself and the group?

FA: Top of the world… I believe that firmly. We’re the best at what we do

the world will find out and we will be respected globally. Mad music too.


RD: Who are your favorite Rappers?

FA: Mutant Academy, Wu-Tang Clan, Nickelus F, Outkast, Roc Marciano, Kool G Rap, Suga Free, Curren$y, Future, Young Thug, Prodigy & Nas. There’s way more but that’s off head.


RD:  Was there anyone you admired in the music industry that inspired you

to become an artist?

FA: Not to be cliché, because anybody that knows me will laugh when they read this.

Method Man made me wanna be a rapper initially cause he made it look cool.

I use to watch How High everyday and Wu-Tang shaped me as a youth.

People often confuse me for him.

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