Producer Spotlight Interview: MichaelAngelo


Today’s guest is another piece of the bubbling Boston scene; producer MichaelAngelo. He burst onto the scene with his ‘Commerciante D’Arte’ 7″ release thru FXCK RAP earlier this year. It features solo songs from CRIMEAPPLE, Estee Nack and Rigz over MA’s eerie yet inviting productions. We met Mike at our Slime Beach concert, where he flew all the out to Philly to join us and perform a live beat set. It showed the kind of commitment and passion he has for this music, and why he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

RD: We met recently at our ‘Slime Beach’ show in Philly, where you played a live beat set. You killed it with an array of flavors and tempos, was that your first one live? If not, where was it?

MA: It was my first time doing one under this name, I have recently re-branded before that I had done some showcases under a different handle.

RD: This year saw you break out on the scene with your FXCK RAP 7″ release Commerciante D’arte, which features CRIMEAPPLE, Estee Nack and Rigz. How did that project come to fruition?

MA: When I decided to re-brand my name, I knew I had to build everything back up. The initial idea was to drop a couple singles on the strength, but after ‘Chepe’ with CRIMEAPPLE dropped I started to see if it could get pressed up. The owner of FXCK RAP asked what else I had on deck, which led me to include ‘Leaps’ and ‘Excellence’. He offered to pick it up but wanted a 4th song, so I remixed ‘Chepe’.

RD: What led you to select the artists you did for the project?

MA: I met Crime at my homie’s video shoot in New York City, chopped it up with him and felt he was a good artist to work with at that time. Rigz came at the suggestion of my in-house team. I’ve known Estee for some time now so that was an automatic pick, I worked with him under my old name. When we spoke about the change and the vision behind it, we started talking about shooting a video for ‘Excellence’

RD: ‘Excellence‘ has a very cinematic and well-shot video to accompany it, tell us about the making of that.

MA: When Estee sent the track back, I was already thinking video. My in-house team is dope, they picked out a few spots and Estee had his input on a few that were mandatory for him. The goal was to show Lynn, MA like its never been shown in any videos from there before. D Gomez is incredible with it he went above and beyond to make sure he grabbed shots when I wasn’t even present.

RD: Can you tell us about any future collabs or projects that are in the works?

MA: Yeah man, I got a whole lot coming up. The 4th single I’m dropping is ‘Botero’ by Primo Profit. I added this track to the Commerciante D’Arte cassette version released by City Yard. We got a video for that joint that was shot in Medellin, Colombia. It’s my second visual of the year and I’m real happy with it. I’m pressing 7″ vinyl for that single which includes an unreleased b-side. Artwork for it is crazy, too. Have another EP, but won’t announce that until it’s closer to being done. 2 tracks are complete, another 3 still need some work. That will be my first 12″ release, so far everything else has been 7’s. After that is an EP with Rome Streetz, we will be pressing that up soon I’m mixing the tracks now.

RD: Walk us through the making of a ProdByMA joint. Does any element come first? Or does it vary from track to track?

MA: It varies, most the time it starts with a sample then I’ll find the drums but that can be a process in itself. Very picky about the drums, it has to sound like it matches the sample, or come as close as possible.

RD: Where do you see yourself in 3 years in the music game?

MA: I hope people see how much I did in this first year, if that’s any indication that I’m not going anywhere I don’t know what is.

RD: For a younger guy that is seemingly new to the game, you got a physical release quickly? How rewarding was that?

MA: As mentioned, only the name is new so everything is more calculated this time around. Those singles were originally going to drop on the strength, and I somehow managed to get a vinyl deal and get paid for my work. That’s as much as you can ask for.

RD: This has become a standard question, if you had a check to produce a ProdByMA album and there’s some zeros in there, what 5 emcee’s you calling for features?

MA: I’d have to bring it back to some of the artists I started with and also some new ones. CRIMEAPPLE, Estee Nack, Al Divino, Primo Profit and Eto.

You can follow Mike on IG: prodbymichaelangelo, MichaelAngelo on Soundcloud and ProdByMA on twitter.

Commerciante D’Arte is available here

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