Bozack Morris – Loose Cannons Review

loose cannons art work


Toronto’s own hip hop maestro Bozack Morris blessed fans with his new debut album Loose Cannons. Featuring hip hop artists such as Conway, Westside Gunn, Black Milk, Tut, Elcee the artist, and Meyhem Lauren.
Released formats include a magnificent Loose Cannons .003 blue & clear 7 inch vinyl. The CD album cover adorns a striking watercolor painting created by Bozack himself and comes complete with a 12 page booklet & sticker set.

MAC 90

Complex strings combining with a clean drum kick sets the tone for MAC 90. Conway the machine rips through his bloody bars not missing a drop on this multiplex beat. This unique combination of Conway vs Bozack’s harmonious crafted tone set the bar for this 8 track debut album.

03′ Infiniti

This beat will keep your head nodding with its diverse rhythmic sounds setting the back drop to Tuts skillful flow. A melodic tune combined with fresh bars are crafted into one fine track fit to keep your ears vibrating.

Reality Rap

A powerful theme thundering through the background on this joint. Meyhem spins his lyrics manifesting a mind blowing song. These two artists working together create a hard and elaborate sound for this track.

Never Change

The best tag team duo from the underground era joined together to grace this mellifluous song with their impressive flows. This euphoric song combines a perfect trifecta of talent. This beat will be knocking around in your mind all day.

Atari Teenage Riot

Keeping the synesthetic vibe this beat track creates a breathing space interlude for the remaining song on this project.

New Dreams

The diverse drums sounds create a complex track for Elcee the artist to spit on. Elcee’s bars flow drops effortlessly on Bozack’s intricate beat creating a rare an unique one of a kind song.

The Darkness

An eerie hard beat brings us to a spectacular close on this 8 track album. Black Milk masterly spills his lyrics onto this musical canvas creating the missing puzzle piece to this project Loose Cannons.



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