Producer Spotlight: Flu


Aussie veteran Flu is today’s subject, a man I was admittedly unfamiliar with to start 2018. He quickly grabbed myself and Sharon’s attention by helming the production for Eto’s Motion Picture EP. After following that up with the brand new ‘Piece of The Action’ from Rigz I had to reach out to the man. It has become quite clear that Flu is in a zone right now, with no signs of letting up. Here is what he had to say for himself.

RD: You go back a bit longer than many newer fans such as myself realized, can you expound on your background as both a rapper and producer?

FD: Yeah, I’ve been making music properly down here in Australia for about 10 years now. I was just a rapper for the first 6, spend a lot of years touring the country with my crew and releasing a lot of music. I didn’t think about producing until about 2013, remember reading a Roc Marci interview where he was talking about producers are always going to keep their best shit for themselves or their crew. When you start buying beats, you’re getting shit from their ‘sell folder’ so why not do it for yourself. So I got my hands on a sampler and started learning.

RD: Your most recent solo ‘Dust’ was met with much acclaim. With 4 solo albums in the books, how do you feel it stacks up against your older works?

FD: That was the first record I entirely produced by myself, so it holds a special spot for me when looking at my previous work. To be honest, I don’t even like anything I’ve done prior to that record.

RD: Let’s talk about ‘Motion Picture’ your collab EP with ETO out now on Tuff Kong Records. How did the project come to be?

FD: I stumbled across ETO and V Don’s Omerta project, and after about 2 songs into the record I was like ‘holy shit, who the fuck is this guy?’. I thought he was incredible. I hadn’t really been that blown away since I first heard Ka’s Grief Pedigree album. So after digesting that record, I said to myself  ‘I have to reach out to this dude’. In this day and age with the beauty of the internet, I hit him up and he was feeling the beats. We made the ‘Sonny’ track first, and the results were so crazy I said let’s do a project. He was fucking with my production style, so we agreed and went ahead and did Motion Picture.

RD: Is that the first project of yours to get the vinyl treatment?

FD: No, it’s about the fourth. I’ve been around.

RD: Is there any different approach producing for yourself as a opposed to outside work?

FD: Definitely. Everyone has their tastes and preferences, but I always make sure not to just make stuff that the artist is used to, or usually goes for. I gotta have that Flu sound on everything I do, when producing for myself I can go a bit more obscure at times. With others, you meet in the middle and build from there.

RD: Let’s talk gear if we can, what has changed about your setup in the past 10 years? Were you a hardware guy at first?

FD: I was never really a studio hardware guy at the start because I was only rapping at first. Didn’t have my own lab for years, I used to travel around to my homies’ studios to record. When I got into beat making, I got my hands on a Maschine and started slowly building from there. For ages I had some wack ass monitors that had me struggling to even hear my bass notes properly. Used that setup for awhile, but as I improved the gear got an upgrade. It’s still a humble setup, but I upgraded the Maschine, copped some JBL monitors, ProTools for the DAW, a decent preamp, Rode NT2A for the vocals, turntables for those samples and swapped the old laptop for a newer IMAC computer. Nothing too crazy or fancy, it’s all about the person behind the equipment. Half of it was secondhand, hooked up by the good homies.

RD: Your latest project is another EP, this time with the ultra-talented Rigz

FD: Came across Rigz after working with ETO, and straight away was feeling the dude. Crazy voice, smooth flow, serious writing skills and just a real cool vibe overall. I had already planned on hitting him up while I was putting the finishing touches on the ETO project. So when I did, he was feeling my sound and direction, so we made it happen. The ‘Atonement’ video is out and is doing well, shouts to Da Cloth!

Editors Note: Da Cloth is Rigz, Mooch (who has a new EP with Farma) and Maverick Montana. Get familiar if you are not

RD: What does the future hold? I saw you mention a possible producer album with some heavyweights, is that still in the plans?

FD: Most definitely! I’ve very keen to get back to working on that one. I’ve already got a nice handful of songs from some super dope acts who are making great music out there. Can’t say too much on that right now, but I’m excited for people to hear what I’ve got in the chamber.

RD: Name 5 dream artists to work with, shoot.

FD: Off the top I’d say DOOM, Pusha T, Roc Marci, Breeze Brewin, feel like I could make something crazy for Jadakiss.

Flu can be found @Fludust on IG and twitter

His bandcamp is

Motion Picture vinyl is available here

FXCKRAP will be doing a special CD/cassette release with Piece of the Action and Motion Picture soon, no link at time of press. Should be out soon.