Producer Spotlight: Loman



The Boston-based producer and DJ is coming off a very strong two year run. When he’s not producing countless gems for Termanology, he has handled full production duties on Easy Money’s Flyer Lansky album, as well as EP’s for Chuck N Lock (Blue Shell Theory) and YBfromthecity (Wild Shark). He has also worked with personal favorites such as Reks, CRIMEAPPLE, Estee Nack and al.divino. His recent collaboration with Latrell James (Okay) took home the Boston Song Of The Year award.

RD: Boston has become a very dense and talent-rich scene. Who are some of your current favorites?

BL: It’s hard to keep it to a few but Kadeem, SPNDA, Nack, Divino, and YBfromthecity come to mind at the moment.

RD: How did you become interested in creating music?

BL: When I was in high school, The Black Album was the first time I paid attention to producers, and The College Dropout got me interested in sampling. My friend Dapper Dan was making beats on Fruity Loops when we were 15. He lent me a 4-disc bootleg of 9th Wonder beats and I was obsessed with it. I downloaded the demo version of FL shortly after that and got started. A lot of my older beats sound like 9th – Term will still call me 6th Wonder to this day.

RD: You have a strong working relationship with Ea$y Money, is there anything you could share about making music with him?

BL: Ea$y is like my big brother. He’s the most difficult person I’ve ever worked with. He’ll let you know when he doesn’t like something by insulting you – he says it sticks more that way. Working with him made me a better producer. Also, he had quit rapping years ago but I wouldn’t stop bothering him to do an album with me, so he came back just to make Flyer Lansky.

RD: What are some dope shows you’ve hit recently?

BL: Nightworks. Nightworks. Nightworks. We have The Stew here too, that’s best beat battle I’ve seen. Slime Beach in Philly was wild, it was 100 degrees in there and Nack had one of my favorite performances ever. I saw Latrell James rock a few times, his shows are on another level and his band is amazing.

RD: Who do you enjoy listening to currently?

BL: Auerbach’s Garden by Codenine & Grubby Pawz has been on repeat. I’ve been revisiting Madvillainy a lot lately, it still gives me the same feeling it did the first time I heard it. A lot of instrumental shit too, I listen to Dibia$e beats all the time.

RD: Termanology is a strong force in underground hip hop, describe your relationship with him.

BL: Our sessions for Shut Up And Rap were some of the best times I’ve ever had. I had never released any music or been in a studio before that, so everything was new to me. We did “rapper shit”, it was great. A lot of the sessions turned into parties. Term can write a verse and record it faster than anyone else I’ve seen. He shared a lot of knowledge with me that still helps me to this day. Term put me on when I was a no-name producer kid trying to get my beat CD’s to anyone I could. I owe my career to him, there’s no other way to say it. And we’re still working together, always.

RD: If someone was going to listen to your material for the first time, what would you recommend?

BL:  I’d probably give them a beat tape I did called Space Jams, but more recently I like the songs I produced on THE CODEX LEICESTER, so I might hand them that first.

Editors Note: That is an album from Codenine, which is quite good.

RD: Should we be on the lookout for any upcoming releases?

BL: I’m dropping an instrumental project via City Yard Music in January called Spotta-Fi. It’s a lot of dusty jazz loops and drum breaks, and I made the whole thing on the Pocket Operator. I’m also working on projects with Kadeem, Codenine and Haze. Me and Vinyl Villain made a bunch of beats together, they’ll be out on various projects in the near future. I want to do more instrumental releases next year too.

Note: 1 of these productions has since come to light, check out the VV and Loman co-produced ‘Dead Face Notes’ on Rome Streetz latest EP Noise Candy 2

RD: What’s something your looking forward to in 2019?

BL: Working with City Yard Music a lot more next year, they added me to their team. Look out for new releases, products and events. Shoutout to Grubby and Haze.

Billy’s website is



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