Producer Spotlight: Kurse



Today we drop in on Kurse, a talented producer who reps Poison Ring Regime and has a knack for working with top shelf emcees. We view him as a respected talent who humbly puts in work and lets his tunes speak for themselves. He just completed his second album with Eff Yoo (Spicaso Dos), dropped one of the best loosies of 2018 with WateRR (Dollars and The Rent) and is currently working on a joint album between Supreme Cerebral and Nowaah The Flood (Free Enterprise).

RD: In 2015 you produced The Experiment with PhybaOptikz, was that your first fully produced project?

K: Indeed, this was my first full body of work.

RD: You worked with Crate Divizion earlier in your career, do you still have a good relationship with those folks?

K: Yes this is true, I still have a great relationship with Giallo Point and Phyba. Both are stand up individuals with talent and poise.

RD: In the past few years you’ve produced for a number of Poison Ring Regime members. I know Nutrition is on the way, what can you tell us about the talented roster and what to expect from that release?

K: Without a doubt, we formed like Voltron off the jump. The true connection and nucleus of these happenings came to be by the good graces of my brother Killa Kali. Nutrition is on the way as well as Free Enterprise which will be housed under the PRR/GCM labels. I also have EP’s cooking with Ca$ablanca and my man Jamal Gasol. We got more in store but I’m gonna keep the lid on the rest.

RD: Nowaah The Flood is one of my favorites to emerge in the past few years, you’ve done almost an albums worth of material with him. What brought that about? Is he just very easy to collaborate with?

K: Mine as well. It was brought about through listening to a few joints he had done with the homie Clypto. That’s how Flood got on my radar. It just so happened that Killa Kali had both made us PRR as well so it just seemed to be the right fit creatively.

RDYou often post custom works of art on your IG, is graphic design a big passion of yours? What are some of your primary artistic influences? 

K: I love photography and art, it’s definitely a passion like my music is. Some main influences are Blaxploitation/Poliziotteschi and Giallo film poster artwork primarily from the 70s and 80s.

RD: Let’s talk gear, has your setup changed much over the past few years? Any key additions that have added to your sound?

K: It hasn’t really changed to be honest, the only thing that’s been updated is my controller which was an Akai MPD 32 and switched to the Akai MPD 226. As far as software and DAW’s are concerned I upgraded to Propellerhead Reason 10 this year and it’s been a game changer on many levels.

RD: Yourself and Eff Yoo recently dropped a second project together, what do you want fans to know about this release?

K: I just want the people to know that they getting both Spicaso & Spicaso Dos when they purchase either digital or physical. This took almost two years to create and release so I’m just glad that it’s finally available to the people.

RD: If you had to name a few of your favorite productions, what would they be?

K: Eff Yoo – Saks Fifth Avenue/Nowaah The Flood – Flood The Streets/Waterr – Dollars & The Rent

RDAre you a goal-setter? Do you line up certain things to accomplish, or take collabs as they come?

K: To be honest it really depends. It’s a bit from Column A and a bit from Column B.

RD: Is there any upcoming projects you can announce at this time?

K: Free Enterprise is a joint album with Supreme Cerebral and Nowaah that I am fully producing.

RD: The standard question, your making a Kurse producer album with a hefty budget. Who are the first 5 calls you make?

Spicaso Dos can be purchased here

Follow Kurse on IG @ _kurse_
Twitter: The_Kurse

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