Edweird – Frequency


Edweird brings us a full project over flowing with his raw personality and creative processes. Produced by Dosey Dose the tone of this project offers sharp abstract sounds fitting for Edweird’s bars. His music stands apart from other artists. He uses a combination of intense lyrics with a twisted sense of humor that work together showcasing his intricate style with Frequency.

Codenames hits first with its beat immersed through out the track giving a spacey feel to its sound. The electric echo of the beat lays the foundation for Edweird to match its energy. Kick back and enjoy story telling at its finest. My only question for this is what did Edweird find out in those ancient equations?

D’wight Schrute features Daniel Son. Edweird never disappoints and when he spits there is always a story being told. Daniel Son comes in with a kicked up level to his flow which validates his enormous talent. When these two work together it expands Daniel Son’s versatility proving he is always ready to attack a beat.

Daniel Son – ” Make a move for the big bag guarantee when we come back we leaving the crew fed…” 

Glockenspiel for this track Edweird delivers a composed flow fitting the tone of ringing bells chiming on this beat. His lyrical narration brings you directly into the story being told in each song.

” Bad acid batch I’m flashing back to bat country…”

In Jest for this track you just gotta go pull out the Lo fit and two step. This delivers a groovy beat that will instantly have you swaying. Edweird brings in his unique flow making this one of my favorites from the Frequency release. Edweird is the mad scientist of underground hip hop music. Every track he creates is truly one of a kind.

“I’m not waiting around for the weight of the crown to weigh my cranium down…”

Knackwurst this beat lurks behind Edweird’s lyrics helping to define his creative talent with composing of the music. The way he uses self expression to tell the tale of these songs animates them into a whole other level of entertainment for the fans.

Lost Soul has one of the best hooks on this project.  “I’ve been through the long haul, can anyone tell me have you seen my lost soul only here to reach the impossible high class whole teams on the honor roll…”

This track has a featured video shot by Mercenary

Mr Sinister applies a dusty beat to the base of this song. Edweird delivers this interpretation straight from his fascinating mind. This song carries an eerie sound that fits his dynamic flow.

No Mas shows off Edweird’s complex skills as he melts into the background of the high tones in a melodic way. Each track on Frequency holds its own distinctive sound.

The Wicked Never Sleep the sedative beat hums along Edweird’s eased approach to his flow on this song. The wicked never sleep has a dreamy sound that lures you right in.

Frequency is an engaging end for this project. Blizz brings in a raw feel with his feature. The perfect ending to this wicked Frequency ride.

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Edweird produced by Dosey Dose – Lost Soul

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