Artist Spotlight: Killy Shoot


Worchester’s Killy Shoot is a man of conviction. When he speaks in short video clips, you tend to believe what he says. Recently he declared that this is more than likely his last shot at making a name in the hip hop world, and he’s not for games on his journey to that goal. He isn’t taking the trip on his own, as he represents 1/6th of Hometeam, a group of artists spread across the country who make the kind of music they want with no outside influence. They support each other at every turn, and have only scratched the surface of their potential.

Killy wrote one of my favorite songs from last year, the soulful-yet-somber ‘Home’, a peak back to his childhood with a nod to his fallen friend at the end. The Balance of Man EP, fully produced by Free Mind, is filled with honest, heartfelt rhymes that stay with you long after you’ve listened. He has followed that up with The Big Kill Vol. 2 mixtape, and has many offerings in the works. He breaks down what inspires him to write, the Hometeam roster and more in what became a really special piece.

RDLet’s start with honing your style as an MC. How long have you been rhyming in total, and how long as Killy Shoot?

KS: I have been rhyming since the mid 90’s, been in a few groups within my city, did shows radios out here on and off. I been rhyming as Killy since 2017 I believe, that’s when I decided to really turn it up a notch and become very serious.

RDWhat project would you recommend first to new listeners? 

KS: I would recommend The Killing Time, that project is kinda my magnum opus and shit! Production on that album was from Propha C. ,Free Mind, Filfy Tarantino, Rob Deniro, Frank Grimes and Onaje Jordan. Great producers who gave me a chance and helped me craft something special.  Then I would say bump The Balance of Man produced by Free Mind to get a deeper look into my life growing up in Mainsouth.

RD: You rep Worchester, MA. Talk to us how growing up in your environment made you not only the man you are today but the emcee as well.

KS: Worcester is a dope city, there is the good and then of course the bad side. I grew up in the main south side of the city an area that was infested with drugs, violence and gang activity. As a youth I didn’t even know the peril that was around me, but the older I became the more I realized the dire situations I was faced with on the daily. My neighborhood shaped me vastly. I speak for those who can’t, Worcester is as much a part of me as I am a part of her, feel me? Going through certain situations on the streets gave me focus and drive, an ambition to get the fuck out the jects and better my circumstances through this rap shit.

RDHometeam is a great up and coming collective of talents. Who was the first member you linked up with, and who exactly fills out the roster?

KS: #Hometeam is the fam, that’s the click, my brothers! I knew GBP (General Back Pain) for like 3 or 4 years now, we met online in some Freestyle app and built a strong friendship. I knew Deuce Hennessy because he worked with Onaje on some music and I just finished working with Onaje on The Killing Time album. Chuck Chan and I have been following each other for a few months and then I found out him and Deuce were real tight and worked together for years! Propha C. was one of the first producers to really believe in me and help craft my sound, I knew him as well from that freestyle app, he was making beats on that joint. I always liked his work and he reached out and we haven’t looked back since. Onaje Jordan, my Muslim brother, is someone who reached out and we just built a good friendship, we vibe a lot and he officially became Hometeam not too long ago. The official roster is

•Propha C (producer)

•Chuck Chan (producer/emcee)

•Deuce Hennessy (emcee)

•General Back Pain (emcee)

•Onaje Jordan (producer)

•Killy Shoot (emcee)

RD: You’ve worked with some dope producers lately, including Filfy Tarantino, Rob Deniro and Free Mind. Do you seek out a specific sound when picking beats? Tell us about that process.

KS: Allah has blessed me to have worked with some incredible talent on production, every producer I have worked with is a genius in they own right. These dudes work on they craft tirelessly and I respect them ultra for what they done for me. Most producers know my style and how I do shit so when they come to the table it’s really never too far off of what I fuck with anyway. The last project I did The Balance of Man with Free Mind, that was a big step for me he really set the sonic backdrop for my narrative and was the first time I sat down with just 1 producer for a whole project. I usually like to blend shit up cause I’m like a kid In a candy store, I want Boston baked beans and lemonheads!

RDWhat’s the #1 thing you’d like listeners to absorb from your music?

KS: Pain. My music is heavy street shit, but if you listen deeply it’s about pain and fear. The pain of living in public housing, the choices that are reflected from the pain of not having hot water, the pain of starving and why an individual does certain things to rectify that pain. Fear is something as an emcee we don’t like to touch on a lot because we gotta always be the baddest muthafucka but fear is real when your involved in “the life”. Fear is constant, the fear of losing everything the fear of letting those you love down, the fear of a gun to your head, etc. I think overall I want the listener to question themselves as they embark upon a journey with me.

RDPlans for the rest of 2019?

KS: MORE MUSIC, got a few projects lined up with my Hometeam fam. I also want to release some merch and vinyl this year as well. Oh and to travel a bit doing my music, def got to slide to NY in the next few months

RD: If you could work with any 5 talents for a brand new Killy album, who would they be

KSKool G Rap, Preemo, Alchemist, Raekwon. That’s just off the head right now b.

Killy’s Soundcloud is

Balance of Man is on itunes, just search his name to find it


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