Artist Spotlight: Chuck Chan



Today we touch base with Chuck Chan, the man who introduced us to the #Hometeam collective. After checking in on a few of his IG live videos, it was clear this man had inventory with the production. Track after track of impressive work. Lo-fi sounds followed by some harder hitting boom bap and other experimental works. After building with him for a bit he explained that he also rhymed and represented a group of hard-working guys trying to make a name for themselves. He is a workhorse, with a handful of releases in the past few months alone and many ahead, including a Hometeam mixtape.

For the uninitiated, we recommend both projects with General BackPain (Lo/Holy Hands) as well as Bar-ter with Deuce Hennessy. They represent the base of his sound, as well as establishing his chemistry with his brothers. The sky is the limit for the crew and Chuck himself, there’s no telling how far they can take this.

RD: You are a duel threat talent, what came first rapping or producing?

CC: I started deejaying in high school. Bought some Technics from my friends Dad and started collecting records pretty heavy.  I used to rap over the instrumentals and record on a 4-track recorder.  Deuce and I connected around that time.  The producing came shortly after that, it came out of necessity.

RD: Upstate NY has become one of the epicenters of underground hip hop. Was that something you foresaw?

CC: There has always been talent up here. No, I didn’t see it coming.  I feel heads want that gritty shit again.  I think a lot of that gritty sound comes from up this way these days.  There’s a lot of folks up here making authentic music.

RD: Talk to us about #Hometeam. This a collective that I feel has a chance to make some real noise in the game. How did you come into contact with the others?

CC: Killy Shoot and I connected over some beats I sent to him.  Heavy Moves and The Killing Time came out around the same time.  Deuce and Killy linked up.  GBP got in the mix with Holy Hands.  We just started tossing beats around sending music back and forth. Onaje. I got a project together with our beats and Killy and Deuce spitting on them. Propha C stay supplying heat for the cause. We all just vibe and let shit work.

RD: I want to talk specifically about your relationship with General BackPain. You guys already have some strong projects together, there’s a natural chemistry between you both. How did that develop?

CC: That’s my homie. Pain will send a verse back in a hour. Done. That shit was easy to get used to from the producer standpoint. We started putting music together. I had some joints on Holy Hands and we put Lo together.  We have a lot of music in the archives.

RD: Your beats have a classic feel to them without sounding dated or copied, who were some of your biggest influences growing up?

CC: RZA, Premier, Alchemist, Pete Rock, Dilla.

RD: What do you feel is your strongest body of work to this point?

CC: Heavy Moves and Lo.

RD: Can you outline some plans for the rest of the year?

CC: I got a project with GBP thats done. Another project called Golden Pipe Dreams I’m gonna release at some point. I have a project with my homie L-Train. Magno Garcia and I got some work in progress. Deuce and I also have a project with Don Carrera that’s being wrapped up. A Hometeam project is being built. As Killy would say, “We healthy out here.”

Editors Note: The project with Don Carrera and Deuce, titled Moving Parts, has dropped since we conducted Chuck’s interview. You can find it in his Soundcloud link

RD: Your putting together your big production album, with no budget for the guests. Who are the first 5 calls you make?

CC: Deuce, Killy, GBP, Onaje, Propha C.


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Twitter is @charlesdizz and IG @chuckchan716

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