Producer Spotlight: Superior


Germany’s Superior is no stranger to putting together full, cohesive projects. His debut Scenes explores many sound scapes, using only one vocal feature for the entire album. That was followed up by a joint album with Ugly Heroes’ Verbal Kent, Half My Life, which was met with much critical acclaim. It was his third project The Journey that really sparked my interest, the album is packed with talented lyricists like Blu, Edo G, Lil Fame and features excellent cuts from the legendary DJ Grazzhoppa. His latest project is Long Story Short, a full length masterwork with one of Respect Due’s absolute favorites: Eto aka the hardest working man in show business.

RD: Talk to us about your debut project Scenes, how long did it take to complete, and how long had you been preparing it leading up to it’s release?

S: It was about 5 or 6 months to get the Scenes album ready. It was my first release. So everything was a little bit slower.

RD: The lone feature is Declaime, what made you select him?

S: I’m a fan of Declaime’s music. His mix between singing and rapping is awesome. He is one of the best to do that. Plus I love his album Andsoitsaid. He’s a real artist.

RD: Shortly after you produced the Half My Life project with Verbal Kent. What differences were there producing in collaboration with an emcee for a whole project compared to prepping one of your own?

S: Producing a project such as Half My Life is easier than a collaboration album with many different MC’s. For the project we had one concept that Verbal Kent and I both followed to make a dope album. For the collaboration I had more work to do. It started by selecting the matching artist for the beats. I had to run after 20 people to get their vocals. Sending emails, uploading and downloading files. It was crazy. The album turned out dope, but I think the next time I do an album similar to The Journey I will decrease the amount of features.

RD: What changes, if any, have been made to your gear since you first started out? Is there any piece your dying to add to it?

S: Man I have been around for a minute. I went from a 2 Megabyte Sampler and Atari computer to a fully loaded PC with many plug-ins driven by The Maschine controller. At the moment I don’t have the need to add anything.

RD: You use the very skilled DJ Grazzhoppa regularly, how important is the DJ in your music?

S: I used to be a DJ for a long time. DJ’ing is one of the four elements of Hip Hop. Unfortunately in this day and age rappers don’t seem to have the need for scratches on their songs, which is sad to see.

It’s surely important to build in scratches but not a must for every track. If a DJ has a show or spins at an event of any type, I expect to see some juggles , scratches, and the whole works.

RD: After Half My Life you did a full producer album The Journey. What went into the selection process for the guests?

S: From the guest artist that I know, the ones selected I thought would fit well with the beat that I produced. So you can say I individually hand picked each artist.

RD: Did you experience any setbacks getting vocals? I know that can sometimes be a challenge.

S: Oh yeah, MCs will say: “ I promise to send you the vocals later” and I wind up waiting a whole month. If you promise something then keep your word, or tell me when you will be able to make it happen so I can focus on other moves.

RD: You’re a German native, what would you like Americans to know about German hip hop culture?

S: My parents are from Spain, but yes, I grew up in Germany. German Hip Hop culture in the 90s was pretty dope. There were tons of Hip Hop jams. B-Boys, MC’s, DJ’s and Graffiti Artists coming together united it was awesome. It was no different than in the U.S. around the beginning of 2000 things changed. The focus was more on rap music. I would say that momentarily the culture is the same as in the states. At the moment charts are dominated by German MC’s.

RD: Do you feel your location hurts your career, or have you found the internet makes things possible?

S: Absolutely not if I search for something, or somebody I will find them. So indeed the internet (mainly social media) helps connecting to the world much easier.

RD: The latest project is Long Story Short with ETO? Talk to us about making the project and what it was like to work with him.

S: ETO is one of my favorite MCs right now. I met him on Soundcloud a few years ago. We both became a fan of each others work and after exchanging thoughts we decided to do a project together. The project has incredible beats and rhymes. The sound and vibe is much different than my previous work.

RD: Any other plans for 2019?

S: A project with Estee Nack, Andale’!

RD: Any shouts?

S: Shoutout to all the fans that keep real hip hop alive.

Follow Superior on Twitter @Superior_Prod and on IG @Superior27

Long Story Short digital/CD is out on Below System Records

Vinyl is on Tuff Kong

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