Producer Spotlight: Tone Beatz

Tone Beatz has been a favorite the past few years, producing two amazing projects with All Hail Y.T. and killing every placement he gets. His story working in music goes back a decade. He has worked with Working Class Music Group putting out instrumental projects, and shows no plans on slowing down.

RD: How long have you been involved in production?

TB: Since I was about 12. I stole my cousin’s keyboard (Casio Sk5) back then and started teaching myself how to chop samples.

RD: Some of your early work is Hustler’s Science an instrumental album with a theme. Would you consider that your first body of work?

TB: Yeah it was, big shout out to Illastrate for helping me put it altogether. Real talk I really want to do a sequel with All Hail Y.T. & Left Lane Didon.

RD: Looking back to 2014-15, what area would you say you evolved at the most in your music?

TB: Digging, and studying my art! Summer of 2016 I studied Quincy Jones film scores like The Anderson Tapes, and old southern Gospel albums like The Violinaires. Then I’d study some Dilla or Madlib and observe their freedom of creativity.

RD: A few years after the Working Class Music material, you linked up with one of our favorites; All Hail Y.T. You did Street Poisoned last January, and a year later struck again with The Spoils of Babylon. Talk to us about the working relationship with him, and how you guys initially linked.

TB: That’s the homie, we met through a mutual friend about 15 years ago and vibed ever since. This dude is meticulous, when he approached me about doing Street Poisoned we were just doing jawns. When the time came to do Spoils Of Babylon he had everything in place. His vision was clear, this dude is my favorite artist I ever worked with period.

RD: What kind of relationship has to be established in order to fully produce a project?

TB: The Vibe! I gotta feel your vibe and your vision gotta be clear. Last but most importantly you gotta be dope!

RD: In March you were able to lend some of your talents to Y.T. and GeneralBackPain’s collaborative effort Classic Villains. Heath Ledger As Joker will go down in infamy, monster cut. Take us into creating that record.

TB: Y.T. hit me up asking me for some grimy beat, just before he call I was digging thru horror movie soundtracks. Right after that call, I grab a record and say ‘let me vibe to this’. No lie right when the needle hit the groove that horn stab came blaring through the speakers. I said ‘that’s it!’. After I finished the beat and sent it he hit me back five minutes later saying that’s the one.

RD: We feel Killy Shoot and GeneralBackPain are two of the finest up and comers in Underground Hip Hop. Killy Shoot is readying his next project These Violent Delights fully produced by you. How did that relationship develop?

TB: I agree! When I heard Arm & Hammer I became a fan. Killy Shoot’s flow and delivery are so unique. I sent him a DM and we started building.

RD: In a world full of gear and equipment, what are some pieces that you have had your eye on?

TB: Right now I’m eyeing the MPC One, and I’m very curious about the SP 2400. Grew up watching Pete Rock make beats on the SP 1200, that might be my next machine!

RD: If you could enlist any five talents for a Tone Beatz album, who are you calling?

TB: Besides the homies All Hail Y.T. , Left Lane,Jay Nice, & Chris Skillz. I would love to rock out with Rome Streetz, Ransom, Tha God Fahim, Planet Asia, Benny.

Support Spoils here

Hustler’s Science

Top Illin, the first single from My Violent Delights is on Killy’s BC. Project coming soon

Follow the man on Twitter and IG @ToneBeatz

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