Producer Spotlight ManZu Beatz

RD – Who comprises ManZu Beats?

ManZu – Me, DBTZ and my bro Divine The Architect, I’m ManZu, he is ManZu from day one.

RD – Is there a certain formula when making beats as a crew? Does one member do one aspect of a beat, or can it vary song-to-song?

ManZu – Now that I live far from Italy normally everyone works on their own instrumental. When we’re in the studio we work together, one will work on the sample, one on the drums, and one on the bass.  Again, normally that doesn’t happen, I do my thing and he does his thing.

RD – You introduced yourselves to the American market with ‘Jamal Gasol is the Future’, what can you share about how the project was released?

ManZu – We received much warm feedback from all the heads who listened to it, and we were happy to work with Jamal. We like to work 360 degrees, where it is possible and take care of everything. We discuss then compare with each other working together. The project has to be built together as a team, performer and producer. He was very helpful and we built a dope visionary project, projecting Jamal into the future.

RD – There are two new EP’s out, Universal Tongues with M-Doc Diego and Golden Bars with YNX716. They’re new names to the scene, tell us what listeners can expect from them as emcees and what to expect sonically from each project?

ManZu – They are two different projects, just as the two artists are different from each other.

YNX716 with his unique calm behavior style and intense delivery.

Doc Diego is rough with a sharp gravelly voice and heavy bars, you have to expect exactly this, the two projects reflect very much the style of each artist.

RD – DBTZ you started out as a rapper before switching over to the production side of things. What made you make that change?

ManZu – My love for the culture and for all the disciplines started many years ago, in the 90s.

I started as an MC because I love “RAP” as part of HipHop music and to make rap music, means to express this passion.

I always loved productions. It was a constant reminder, when I did rap I went crazy when I felt the instrumental that overstimulated me. Making me travel within my mind and igniting my desire to create. I’ve always admired the figure of the producer, with time and maturity. I wanted to comply with that calling and I started to produce. I completely fell in love with the production, and can say I should’ve listened to that call first. I love making music now it’s my dimension, I would’nt do anything else, I love the creative part, it’s art.

RD – What piece of gear would you love to add to your setup?

ManZu – Honestly, I’m happy with my studio. With time I’ve equipped it very well and now it has everything I need. Let’s see in the future, I just need to do more projects and make dope music.

RD – Given your diverse backgrounds, will you be working with any international emcees?

ManZu – Music must have no barriers, Art must have no barriers. I’m working mainly with American artists, but I am also working on a project with one of the most famous rappers in Spain. In collaboration with my Spanish partner with whom I share the LAB with where I live and work from now.

RD – Where do you see ManZu Beats in the next few years?

ManZu – I didn’t think about it, I live the present. I hope to have produced many projects and have created a lot of good music. For the culture, to continue to pass on the love for the HIP HOP culture.

RD – If you could have any 5 guests on a producer project, who would you pick?

ManZu – I admire all the artists I’ve worked with. Out there is full of big lyrical champions more or less known, so I’ll notably mention some high-sounding names of today.






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