Producer Spotlight: The Prxspect

The Prxspect has been holding it down with the sounds and visuals for a few years now. Repping Australia and The Umbrella collective, he brings a concise style to each medium. He has scored full projects with Miskeem Haleem, Ice Lord and Jamal Gasol as well as singles with a host of other dope talents.

RD: Your covers are among the best in the game. What came first, graphic design or music? 

P: Thanks brother, there’s a lot dope artist doing beats and visuals. I’ve been artistic since a youngster, never studied  graphic design it just came naturally.

RD: Does the music dictate how the cover will look?

P: Not really, but it can.

RD: What are the criteria when looking for a collaborator? What are the main qualities you look for?

P: All the artists I have collaborated with has been organic, I have not really looked for any criteria they all have a certain quality to them though.

RD: We need to know the details for Nautica Jewels, your upcoming compilation. What can listeners expect from this project?

P: Something easy on the ears. Sit back, pour yourself something kick your shoes off vibes.

RD: If you could add one piece of gear to your current setup, what would it be?

P: A subwoofer.

RD: What are some prime sources of inspiration when it comes to both the audio and visual mediums?

P: I’m easily inspired, it could be some random thing to something I remember from a weeks back.

RD: John Creasy is your most frequent collab partner, what is it about the work flow with him that has spawned three projects? 

P: You going to hear what that is on our new joint effort Man on Fire 2.5 .The video to Unity Park out now via YouTube check it out. (Link to vid is at the end)

RD: Message to the supporters?

P: Big salute and major love to all that been supporting and enjoying what I do to Guy Grams and Full Scale.War Medals approaches to John Creasy ! Man On Fire 2.5 next up next peace to all my Umbrella brothas! Everyone on Nautica Jewels you all legends. Shout to my brotha Cashmere P! For always checking in and providing inspirational beats and the raps is ridiculous. And shout to Respect Due for having me on salute!

Follow the man on IG @prxspectworldwide


Unity Park vid

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