Producer Spotlight: Big Daddy Chop

RD: Let’s start with the art of the chop. The ability to create entire new sounds and melodies from an existing source. Who do you feel has the best chops in hip hop history?

BD: J Dilla, but it would be blasphemous not to mention Preemo.

RD: How long have you been making beats?

BD: Since late 2015 so going on 6 years now.

RD: The chops are clearly insane, is there an aspect of beat making you feel you could improve at?

BD: I want to improve my mixing for sure. I want to add more variety to my drums and even switching up the beat patterns.

RD: If you could add one piece of gear to your current setup, what would it be?

BD: The SP-303.

RD: Chopzilla is the latest project out on your Bandcamp, which has many releases on it. Would you consider yourself prolific?

BD: I’ve never thought of myself as prolific but yes. My Bandcamp doesn’t have nearly as much music as my Soundcloud. I have hours of beat tapes on there but I’ve been thinking about deleting most of my older music on SC to clear up space.

RD: What goes into selecting the guests that appear on the tapes?

BD: I just try to get people who I think are really dope and would sound good on some of my production. A lot times it’s an artist that I already have a connection with.

RD: What is your ultimate goal as an artist? 

BD: I want my music played all around the world. Not on some super famous shit either. I want to bring inspiration into peoples life whether it be aspiring artists or someone living their day to day life.

RD: If you could give one piece of advice to aspiring producers what would it be?

BD: Keep your foot on the pedal. Work on your craft as much as you can. The more time you put into making beats or even just listening to music and studying it, the more you’ll grow and find your own techniques and ways about doing things.

RD: You can enlist any 5 vocal talents for your next tape, who are you hitting up?

BD: Roc Marciano, Earl Sweatshirt, Conway The Machine, Estee Nack, & Fly Anakin.

RD: Message to the supporters?

BD: I have a bunch of dope music dropping this year so stay tuned! Shoutout everybody that continues to show love and shoutout to Respect Due for this interview.

Peep Chopzilla and his other work here

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