Artist Spotlight: HooksArthur

Hooks is a dual-threat talent repping Middletown, NY. He first came to our attention a few years back with his Few Words EP. The latest work is Wave Form Fluent, featuring himself tearing up some Influence production.

RD: You last dropped back in December with Wave Form Fluent, what’s next on the docket? 

H: Right now I’m looking to release my next beat tape Stay True All Times. A beat tape from me is long overdue. 

RD: What You Know May… featured a lot of your own production, while WFF was entirely produced by Influence. What was it about his work that drew you in?

H: I first heard of Influence Prod. from New York Belgian Ale with him and Snotty. What made his production interesting was his choice of samples. From listening to his music it seemed like we had a common goal sonically, a type of “psychedelic hip hop”.

RD: If this resurgence has taught us anything, it’s that there is talent strewn across all of New York State. Talk to us about Middletown and how it impacted your music endeavors.

H: It’s hard to say. Middletown is a small but very diverse town, and it’s honestly what you make of it. And it’s just over an hour from NYC which is cool for making moves. Rapping started from me just messing around kicking freestyles like many other people. 

RD: What came first, emceeing or producing?

H: Rapping came first, but only by a few months span.

RD: If there is one piece of gear you could add to your existing setup, what would it be?

H: A spare SP-303, for when the one I have now gives in those prices are getting crazy.

RD: What is your ultimate goal as a dual threat artist?

H: To be recognized as one of the greatest rappers and producers. And to look back at my discography decades later and know that I got busy.

RD: If you tap any 5 producers for your next project, regardless of budget who would they be?

H: If I could somehow land a Alchemist, Madlib or RZA beat that’d be wild. Other than I’m not pressed for beats honestly. I got an ill group of individuals in my corner who’s production could match with anyone. And I have just as much confidence in my own abilities. 

RD: Shouts?

H: Shoutout to my family at Stolen Sound System and everyone I’ve been working with up to this point. Shout out to my guys in Primal Sound Garmentry. My instrumental album Stay True All Times is dropping soon, and a new rap album coming fourth quarter.

Follow the man on IG and Twitter @hooksarthur


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