Producer Spotlight: Dirty Art Club

RD: Let’s talk about the success of Gardens, your sixth release. The vinyl and tapes are currently sold out, including your own Bandcamp and a separate Fat Beats drop. Why do you think this resonated so strongly? 

DAC: I don’t know. I didn’t expect that because it’s so many beats and a lot of them are 5+ years old and/or were intended to be used as interludes. 27 songs is probably overwhelming for people at this juncture but I did it anyways because fuck it. It sounded right to me at the time.

RD: In terms of raw number of tracks, Gardens is your longest release. Do you go into the recording process looking for a certain amount, or is more of a feel to know when to start sequencing/moving onto the next step?

DAC: It’s mostly just a feel for what seems true to the album and trying to see the whole picture. Might add one beat or seven to a project that isn’t shaped the way I envisioned. So there is a gray area when it comes to the reason for the amount of music that ends up on a release. All about how it sounds as a whole, however that comes about.

RD: When constructing a song, do you follow a certain path to the final version? I know some guys strictly start with drums, others may build around the melody. 

DAC: Nah I try to avoid that or really any structure at all. I start with something I hear in a sample and let that take itself wherever. Sometimes I make multiple versions of a beat using the same sample and blend them together with something else to tie it up. Other times I just hear a loop and want to let it run for a minute. It’s just whatever feels right.

RD: Mise En Place with YUNGMORPHEUS is a rare vocal collaboration for you, how did that come about?

DAC: We listen to each other’s music so we talked about working together. I sent him a couple things and we decided to do an EP real quick. Bong bong. 

RD: 2020 has been very active for you, tallying three releases. Do you see that becoming the norm? 

DAC: I’m not sure what’s gonna happen. I know I’m always working. There’s never gonna be a norm but I’d like to release as many albums as I can. It takes me a long time to finish things, so I get caught up in all that and hold onto projects that are probably ready to be let go of.

RD: Let’s go back to 2011, the year of your first release, what advice would you give yourself?

DAC: Eat some vegetables 

RD: If you could add any one piece of gear to your setup, what would it be?

DAC: Good monitors. I use some raggedy headphones that are falling apart so my mixes never sound the way I want them to sound. I spend a lot of time trying to get them as close as I can.

RD: You’ve been given an unlimited budget to make an album with star-studded vocal features, who are the first five calls?

DAC: At this point I don’t know. Too many artists I like to pick 5.

RD: Shouts?

DAC: My grandma Judy (RIP) and too many people to name who’ve kept me in check or tried to through some hard times. The artists who’ve made songs that I’ve sampled, for inspiring me to do it. Also, everyone who supports- thank y’all.

Follow him on IG @dirtyartclub

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